Renewable Energy

Solar-Friendly Communities

As more people begin to install solar panels on their homes, homeowners experience conflicts with neighborhood covenants. These covenants, though initially designed to maintain the look of the neighborhood, unintentionally exclude a homeowner from investing in solar energy.

The Energy Office has developed covenant language that would allow a neighborhood to be ‘solar-friendly’. Communities that insert this language into their covenants will receive a ‘Solar-Friendly Community’ certificate and special recognition on the website.

Sample Covenant Language:
“The ____________(name of community) Covenants have been designed to put into place procedures that will carry forward the ______________(name of community) desire to enhance the quality of life and improve the environment. In order to ensure that property owners have the freedom to employ alternative energy solutions if desired, solar collectors may be placed on a dwelling, or in the back or side yard of the property, located in such a way as not to obstruct windows of adjacent homes.

To obtain a certificate for a neighborhood or to request more information about the program, contact Trish Jerman at (803) 737-8025.