Palmetto Clean Energy (PaCE)

Palmetto Clean Energy (PaCE) is a program which encourages the development of renewable energy resources that improve the environment through reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Consumers of the state's three investor-owned utilities (Duke Energy, Progress Energy and South Carolina Electric & Gas) can elect to fund green power (renewable energy) through tax-exempt contributions. These contributions are collected by the utilities and remitted to PaCE in their entirety. Contributions to the program help provide financial incentives for generators of electricity from renewable sources.

Best of all: the renewable energy paid for with monthly contributions will come from within South Carolina - from residential sources like small-scale solar as well as industrial sources which generate energy from landfill gas and other renewables.

To sign up for PaCE or to become a PaCE producer, visit their website.

Why sign up?

  • It’s affordable and tax deductible. Your monthly contributions or one-time contribution are tax-deductible and will add green energy to South Carolina’s power supply.
  • It supports economic growth in South Carolina. You can be a part of supporting economic growth of South Carolina’s renewable energy market and at the same time support cleaner energy being produced in South Carolina.
  • It’s cleaner and environmentally sustainable. Sustainability and a cleaner environment are important to South Carolina's citizens. The sun, wind and organic matter used in generating green energy are examples of clean electricity. It’s a great way to protect our environment and preserve our natural resources.
  • Contributing to PaCE will help give us a more secure energy future because many traditional sources of energy will inevitably run out. Plus, it’s one step toward fuel independence.
  • Every watt of renewable energy we generate here is money we don't send out of South Carolina and emissions we don't send into the air.
Santee Cooper and South Carolina's electric co-operatives offer a similar program called Green Power. Click here for more information.