State Energy Plan

Energy Efficiency Roadmap

The Energy Office is facilitating the Energy Efficiency Roadmap initiative, with the objective of implementing energy efficiency recommendations resulting from the 2016 Energy Plan that have not yet been implemented. A group of stakeholders will review recommendations from the Energy Plan, reassess according to current priorities, identify new opportunities, and develop implementable actions to advance energy efficiency. The Duke University Nicholas Institute is facilitating this stakeholder process. In addition to an advisory committee, numerous working groups will focus on several key energy efficiency-related topics:
  • efficiency in buildings
  • energy equity/justice
  • utility programs
  • financing mechanisms
  • public buildings. 

The Energy Efficiency Roadmap initiative will include diverse voices and identify collaborative paths forward to help stakeholders and citizens seize the energy efficiency opportunities in the state. The Energy Efficiency Roadmap initiative is anticipated to be completed by October 2020.

AGENDA: Stakeholder Workshop #1

OVERVIEW PRESENTATION: Stakeholder Workshop #1